What is [BLOK]?

[BLOK] is an easy to use modular synthesis environment for VST. The available processing blocks are simple and concise and there are no restrictions on how you hook things up. [BLOK] was designed as a platform for teaching audio synthesis to students, so even beginners can get started building their own synthesizers and effects right away!

But most of all, [BLOK] is fun!

Classic synthesizer modules

[BLOK] features everything you would expect from a classic modular synthesizer: oscillators, filters, envelopes, effects and much more.

Easy to use interface

[BLOK] was originally created as an educational program to teach audiodesign principles. This means that each module is simple to understand.

Connect everything

There are no limits on connecting blocks together. if a block generates a signal, connect it up!

Versatile DSP engine

Additive, Subtractive and FM synthesis are all possible. Let Blok be your synthesis swiss army-knife.

Full undo/redo

Dont like what you have done? Go back to a time when you did!

Low in cpu

Blok was made to run well even on low-end computers. On today's machines, it tears up the track! This will let you make more complicated setups and get more bang for your synthesis buck.

Latest News

The price for a single user license is: €35,-. This price includes personal support and free updates.

Payment is being handled by PayPal.


[BLOK] is available for 2 different platforms:
(current version: SVN 336)

Saving is disabled in the VST demo.
If [BLOK] fails to load, install the visual studio runtime!
Read the latest changelog here!

Read the latest todo list here!

Current UNSTABLE development versions:
[VST demo SVN X2 beta]
[Buzz effect & generator SVN X2 beta]

[BLOK] in action

[BLOK] legacy demotune
This is what blok sounded like back in 2004. All sounds made in [BLOK].

[BLOK] drum sounds

[BLOK] on the web

Mute on lazytrap: track + writeup
Mute on youtube: track + recording of the [BLOK] polyphonic VUmeter
Duplofenac: patch collection
Nikmis: tracks using [BLOK]
Dyklofenaq: tracks using exclusively [BLOK]